Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Nude Normal

Yeah. You read it right. While it always is a distinct possibility that I have heard something wrong and continue to repeat it incorrectly, that is a very intentional title.

I hear the actual phrase “new normal” a lot. I hear it usually from someone who is adjusting to life that is a bit different after something. Usually something bad. “I’m getting used to our new normal.” I’ve even said it.

But, you know what?? My old normal was never really quite normal. So I say let’s get normal naked. Let’s strip it down. What is it? Does it indeed exist? If so, what does nude normal look like?

Is it a fairy tale life? Uh…hello? Have y’all read a fairy tale lately? Not really happy-go-lucky, smooth sailing plots. Maybe a happy ending. But consider that ending is just one moment in time. Sure the prince and Cinderella get married, but what is life like for her after a few years of telling Princey to puh-leez put the toilet seat down and throw his underwear in the hamper? After a couple kids that don’t behave like the kingdom’s best parenting books say they will if she follows steps a-k?? When she has to care for her ailing, aging wicked stepmother?

Oh we have an idea of what normal looks like. It looks like someone else’s life, usually. And guess what? It ain’t there either.

We think the bad stuff interrupts “normal life”. Dudes… that IS normal life. Unpredictable. Scary. Fun. Boring.  It’s bad choices. It’s good choices. It’s pain. It’s joy. It is what it is.

So, I say, let’s stop looking back at our so called normal lives, and embrace the fact that life isn’t so normal, after all. That’s the nude normal.

This is a naked mole rat. It has nothing to do with the post. But he is naked.