Monday, November 7, 2011

Good vs. Evil

Today I was brought nearly to tears three times. This is a pretty big feat for me. I don't tend to be very emotional. What caused this surge in my touchy-feely side? My kids, of course.

The first time tears welled up, it was because I was so frustrated. The kids were arguing. Constant bickering all morning. It was driving me crazy. Why couldn't they just get along? And goodness, if they couldn't get along, couldn't they just stay away from each other?

I decided to get out of the house with them. A change of scenery is always good, right? They really needed to burn off some energy, so we hit the new indoor playland at McDonalds. After eating, it was like they were different kids. Kind. Respectful. Considerate. Okay. Weird. They ran off to play while I flipped through a magazine.

About fifteen minutes later, a mommy with three little ones came up to me and told me how wonderful my kids were. They were helping her kiddos up and down. They were playing with them and encouraging them. She said she usually cringes when older kids show up because they are so inconsiderate. Okay. So, that warms a mommy's heart. I told her I remembered my days as a mom of little ones as rather difficult. Her three were infant, twoish, threeish. I shared how mine were nineteen months apart and fifteen months apart. Know what she said? "Wow, it's hard now, but it's great to know mine can turn out just as wonderful as yours." Really? Yeah, almost tears.

Then next stop was Target. Chloe needed jeans. Of course, I was dreading it, because there was trying on to be done. I didn't think the boys would be very patient. Chloe went to try on a few pairs. They boys ran off to the bathroom. Chloe needed a new size, so I went off to find it. When I got back to the fitting room, the boys were back. They were sitting quietly on chairs, playing tic tac toe with each other. The fitting room lady comment on what well behaved children I had. And for the third time, almost tears.

So, what is the moral to this story? I'm not sure. But, it made me think a lot about perception and absolutes. Sometimes we need an outside source to help us put our day in perspective. My kids aren't always bad. Nor are they always good.  Please keep reminding me of this. K? Because they're starting to fight again.

And after all that....this is what I want to know: Why is it called a pair of jeans? I understand why it's called a pair of shoes or a pair of socks. But, pants are not a pair. They are singular. And I don't think it's because it has two legs. Shirts have two sleeves, and they aren't called a pair. Ideas?